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Contact: Eric
Age: 30
Current Characters: Marisa Kirisame


Character: Dave Strider
Age: 15
Canon: Homestuck
Canon Point: 2 years into his trip through the furthest ring

Background: - Homestuck Wiki
- Dave's page

Personality: Dave Strider is a very strange guy who acts aloof and cool to hide the fact that he thinks he's kind of fucked up. He had a very strange upbringing, with his only immediate family being his adoptive older brother (who is also his biological father), a rapping ninja/pornographer and puppet aficionado. Already off to a surreal start. Dave simultaneously idolizes his brother and admits that he's an incredibly fucked up guy who probably should not be allowed to raise a child. However, against all odds, Dave has turned out as a functional human being. If anything, a normal upbringing probably would have left him unprepared for the nonsense he has to deal with in his life.

Both of the Striders view irony as an ultimate ideal. Everything he says or does is wrapped up in so many layers of irony that at many times it's unclear if Dave himself knows whether or not he's ultimately being sincere about something. He might admit to liking something that's kinda lame, but the fact that he knows it's lame means that by liking it, he's messing with all the people who would belittle him for liking it. But it's also possible that by admitting he likes whatever it is, he's making fun of the people who like it ironically because they're kind of hipster tools. And so on, going back and forth between pretending to like something and pretending to pretend to like something that he actually likes, until all possible trace of meaning is lost! This is the path of the Texas roof ninja.

Dave likes to go off on long tangents about the nature of irony, or any other variety of incomprehensible subjects, to people who he doesn't know very well with the express purpose of confusing them. Possibly because by keeping people confused and off balance he can keep control of the conversation, possibly just because he thinks it's funny. He regularly makes up intricate webs of increasingly unbelievable lies just to see how many ridiculous things he can slip past someone. He is marginally less likely to do this to his friends. At the very least, they are more able to tell when he's just being an ass and call him out on it.

Despite his eccentricities, deep down Dave is a really reliable guy who looks out for his friends. He doesn't let his bullshit go so far as to actually get anyone hurt, and when someone he gives a crap about seems actually legit upset about something he will put aside (most) of his stupid jokes and actually try to offer advice and support (Unfortunately, offering advice and support is something Dave is really bad at.).

Dave has a constant feeling that he is slightly out of control of his life and that he doesn't really know what's going on. Yet at the same time he feels that by recognizing that he isn't in control, he's being smarter than people who DO think they know what's going on. He has a policy to not over-think the ridiculous shit he does.

His close brush with Daveicide when he first tried to achieve God Tier was probably the breaking point that made him decide to stop using time travel and just doing things in order like a normal person. Frustrated by his inability to achieve God Tier, Dave badgered one of the trolls into showing him what it would take. She did. Through some trickery, she managed to make an offshoot timeline in which Dave went into the future to ascend to god tier. The main Dave eventually found the alternate Dave, and realized that if he killed that Dave, then either the other Dave would ascend, and the main Dave would be the offshoot, marked for death by the inescapable machinations of causality and paradox that only allow one version of you to be running around at a time, or he WOULDN'T ascend, in which case he would have just killed himself for no reason.

Either way, it was bullshit like that that led to Dave deciding that time travel causes more trouble than it's worth, and swearing it off for good.

Closing with some random quirks: He is fond of apple juice, has a tendancy to talk to himself, likes the color red, likes rap and dubstep, and thinks Barrack Obama is basically the coolest dude ever.

Time Travel - As the Knight of Time, Dave can effortlessly move backwards and forwards in time. This has many dangers, however, and generally made his life confusing, so he doesn't do this any more if he can avoid it.
- Dangers of Time Travel: If you do anything that would cause a paradox, you instead shunt yourself and everyone else into a doomed timeline. The universe hates doomed timelines, and so generally after this happens everyone dies. Meanwhile the true timeline (AKA the Alpha Timeline) continues on without you, wherein an alternate universe version of yourself did whatever it needed to do to NOT cause the paradox. Even if you go back in time to before you caused the paradox to try and fix it, you are still marked for death, and reality itself conspires against you to cause your end.
Conditional Immortality - Dave is functionally immortal. Unless his death is Heroic (He dies defeating a terrible foe or to save something important) or Just (He has "gone evil" and become a threat to the people around him), he will regenerate from any fatal injury relatively quickly
Flight - Dave can fly and hover.
Captchalogue Sylladex - One of the stranger aspects of the Homestuck Universe. Everyone has their one "Sylladex", which is basically a fancy word for inventory. It's best not to think about it too hard, but the practical upshot is that Dave can store far more STUFF on his person than you would expect. He has several swords, a personal computer, several changes of clothes, and a wide variety of random crap that seemed like a good idea to collect at the time, all of which he can store on his person without difficulty.
The other thing to consider is that every object you can captchalogue in your sylladex has a unique 8 character code that you can access by looking at the back of a Sylladex card (Items stored in the Sylladex are viewable as cards. Don't ask.). With the proper equipment, you can use these codes to combine items, making amalgamations of stuff to create more powerful items. Unfortunately for Dave, he won't have access to the necessary equipment unless he gets access to extra stuff from back home through an event or something.
Wicked Sweet Sword Moves - Dave is so cool with sword moves guys. You don't even know. He can probably, like, cut a rain drop in half. Or some crazy shit like that.



First Person Sample: Contained herein is a thread in third person and a thread in first person. Hopefully this should satisfy both sample requirements

Third Person Sample: See above

Questions: Time travel is always something of a sticky subject with mods, so I figured I'd ask before jumping in with a character that can jump forwards and backwards in time at will, even if he's trying to avoid using this ability. Obviously I wouldn't use time travel to negate events or get information from the future that lets me god mod anyone without express permission, but even so let me formally ask:
- Can Dave use his time travel powers if necessary?
- If he can, are there any limitations on doing so?
- If he can't, would you rather him be physically unable to do so or for me to just come up with excuses for him to not do so?
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-My name is Dave Strider
-Terezi Pyrope is a weird alien girl who smells and tastes things instead of seeing them. She's pretty cool.
-The Alpha Timeline and the dangers of time travel
-I have an older brother. I remember him, his habits, his likes and dislikes, I remember that he basically raised me, and a lot of other stuff about him.

-How to access Sylladex
-How to travel through time at will
-How to use the Alchemiter

-I remember fucking around in a kitchen while looking for something or other. It ended with a trapdoor dropping a pile of vaguely obscene puppets on me.
-I remember getting this letter

Leftover: 10%
- 5% AC
- 2% New Years
- 3% Flubber event


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